Company «MAXICOR-M» specializes in the installation, dismantling, rigging and other kinds of similar works. The company employs highly trained specialists working professionals in their field. OOO «MAXICOR-M» in their field work for more than 10 years. And many companies employees are working in this specialty even more time.

Each new job, every new order is not like the previous one on working conditions, on the weight of the object of work, focused on production, the method of transportation, loading and unloading. Given all that, to date, there is no such problem, with which the company «MAXICOR-M» could not handle.

Our advantages:

  • extensive experience in different countries and leading companies;
  • Our specialists have adopted the experience of the best workers in Europe, which we have much to learn;
  • use special loading and unloading equipment;
  • the best lifting equipment;
  • equipment and cargo insurance during transportation and execution of lifting operations;
  • large special equipment to perform work;
  • all required certificates and licenses.

The services provided by the company «MAXICOR-M»:

  • installation work. We provide competent, professional installation of the equipment, because it affects the durability, reliability and quality of his work.
  • dismantling works. Disassembly should be done in accordance with the previously approved plan, which sets out the stages, scope of work and working arrangements in the surrounding areas.
  • lifting work - it's a whole range of activities, the effect of which is directed to the rise of industrial equipment, heavy loads with the help of special devices.
  • transportation of goods. We perform transport to all possible continents and islands.
  • commissioning works. After the installation of the equipment, our specialists configure and monitor the proper and correct their work.

Our company operates in Ukraine, Europe and other countries around the world.

We are ready to execute your order at an agreed fee anywhere in the world.