A company "MAXICOR-M" gives legal services in processing of documents for transportation of loads through a border, designs all necessary documents in an order to execute transporting in any part of planet. Also broker services are included in legal service of our company business.

Rigging, assembling, breaking-down works are such type of works it is not needed to save on that, as the article of work usually is an expensive equipment to that it is needed to belong with care. And the correctly executed package of documents to secure both sides of agreement from emergencies that can arise up in the process of works, both through fault of one side and through fault of both.

A company "MAXICOR-M" goes in step with time and watches after all novelties in the field of a professional transport equipment and instruments. Our company offers the wide spectrum of services among that :

  • Editing and dismantling of equipment;
  • Starting-up and adjustment works;
  • Knotting-and-splicing;
  • Transporting of load of any weight and any sizes;
  • Utilization of wastes after work.